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How Can Regenerative Medicine Help with Nerve Pain

Anyone with nerve pain will tell you that it is a different type of feeling compared to the pain from a broken bone, cut or scrape. When you have this type of relentless pain, you search high and low for relief. Medications, creams, physical therapy, and other treatments can help to provide comfort, but in recent years regenerative medicine has become a more prevalent and efficient way of treating nerve pain.

What, exactly, is nerve pain?

This medical term for nerve pain is Peripheral Neuropathy. Nerve pain results from a damaged nerve or malfunction with the nervous system that sends pain signals to the brain. Unfortunately, nerve pain can be chronic and cause tingling, numbness, burning, prickling, or stabbing pain that lasts for days on end. The symptoms usually start in the hands or feet and continue to work their way through the body. There are different causes of nerve pain, including


● Diseases- diabetes, multiple sclerosis, multiple myeloma

● Diabetes makes up about 30% of all nerve pain patients

● Cancer treatments- effects from radiation and chemotherapy

● Effects from long-term alcohol intake

● Injuries to back, legs, and hips

● Infections- Shingles and Syphilis

● Carpal Tunnel

As a person's nerve pain develops, it can cause depression, sleep deprivation, and other mental and physical problems.

Many treatments are available for those who experience nerve pain. Over the counter NSAIDs or prescription medication, nerve blocks, and topical ointments can help to relieve the cumbersome sensations and pain. There are also alternative treatments to those that involve medication and surgeries. Physical and occupational therapy, chiropractic care, massage therapy, and regenerative medicine can effectively treat nerve pain.

How Can Regenerative Medicine Help with Nerve Pain
How Can Regenerative Medicine Help with Nerve Pain

Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine is a branch of alternative medicine that seeks to repair, regrow, and stop the further degeneration of damaged tissues, nerves, cells, and organs. These approaches focus on the natural healing powers of the body and how they can accelerate that process to impact health issues positively. Regenerative medicine is a newer approach, with more treatments and therapies arriving all the time.

Therapies for Nerve Pain

The experts at Empower Medical Center offer an integrated approach that is customized for those experiencing nerve pain. They focus on regenerative medicine and have created a program called the Nerve 360 Program. The Nerve 360 Program encompasses multiple treatments to help their patients find the maximum relief possible. Some of the treatments available are:

● Chiropractic Care

-Focused on the reduction of inflammation and manipulation of joints.

● Stem Cell Injections

-Designed to help regrow, repair, and prevent further damage.

● Vibration Therapy

-The goal is to have better posture, balance, increased strength, and decreased pain

● Photon Light Therapy

-A non-invasive beam of light penetrates the skin to increase blood flow and circulation to promote natural healing.

Find Relief Today

In order to find the best treatment for you, you will set up a consultation with the experienced and compassionate team. They will evaluate your symptoms, discover the underlying causes of your pain, and develop a customized, multi-tiered treatment program. Empower Medical also addresses other medical issues such as joint pain, knee pain, and back pain. To learn more about Empower Medical and how they can help you with knee pain, read the "5 reasons Empower Medical can help with knee pain" post above. If you experience nerve pain, you know that once you find relief for that pain, treatments aren't just for maintenance, they are for survival. Don't let your pain take over your life; take control of your pain with an approach focused on healing and comfort.

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Chris - experienced shoulder pains

"with the technology that you guys have here...that opened up my eyes to what treatments are's just great!"

Taryn Wirsig

I have been to another Chiropractor before and had never gotten x-rays taken to see if my spine is ok. They did that at Infinite Wellness, he explained the x-rays to me, when I described the pain I was having, he explained why that might happen. Then he adjusted me and my pain went away immediately! I will definitely recommend them in the future, I was very impressed.

Dolores Destarac

I am very pleased with the services provided here. I am definitely in less pain and growing stronger each visit. I had my first knee injection and will get my second one tomorrow. I am very excited about the outcome and my goal is to be mobile again! everyone here is very helpful and listens to you when you are not able to do a particular thing that they are suggesting. They adjust the stretches and exercises to accommodate your needs. I highly recommend this place!

Robyn George

There are not enough words I can say to express my sincere appreciation for the staff at Infinite Wellness. Since the day I arrived to the facility, I was welcomed with open arms. All of the treatment I received was well thought out and executed perfectly. I most definitely feel much better now than I did when I walked in for my initial consultation in April. Everyone is so nice and make you feel just like family. They greet you as soon as you walk in the door and when you leave. Smiles are always on the faces. If anyone was having a bad day, you most certainly wouldn't know it. I was treated for upper and lower back pain and my knee that was bone on bone. The remedies they used on me really did work! So if you have any type of pain in your body, go to Infinite Wellness of Kansas City. I promise you they will fix you right up! You will not be disappointed.

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