Knee Pain

Knee Pain is a very common complaint for people of all ages. It can be related to sports injuries, or other physical activities and several medical conditions such as arthritis or gout can cause chronic knee pain.

Knee Pain and how to heal from the inside out.

Knee pain is one of the most common chronic pain conditions in the world and it is also one of the most receptive to self-care and natural healing remedies. Physical therapy and custom knee braces are some of the most effective ways to help reduce pain and give patients long term relief. Before considering radical options like surgery, you should speak with professionals that work with the bodies natural healing properties and less invasive solutions to your chronic knee pain issues. Chiropractic Doctors are trained to treat the underlying causes of pain in the joints of the body, not just the surface symptoms. They focus on how to improve the position, and strengthen the muscles supporting, our major joints. By doing this, Chiropractors actually help the body heal the issues that cause things like chronic knee pain.

Knee Pain Information

Common causes of knee pain:
-Chronic Injury: Medical conditions such as arthritis, issues with posture or alignment, and even things like diet or obesity are some of the most common things that lead to chronic knee pain.
Acute Injury: These kinds of knee pain are more often associated with things like sports or other physical activity, or accidents such as a fall or car accident and can often be healed quickly.

Who is affected by knee pain?

Nearly all people will start to develop knee pain at some point in their life because of the important role the knee plays in our everyday life and normal “wear and tear” or degeneration. The knee supports our body and takes a lot of punishment. Regardless if you are ever in a sports related injury or other kinds of accidents, as you get older and use your knees more, you will need help supporting your knees.

What are some of the causes of knee pain?

Just becuase you have knee pain doesn’t mean you are in poor health. The causes widely vary and can be from things like falls, accidents, or acute injuries, but can also come from poor posture, gaining weight, or failing to properly stretch and strengthen the muscles supporting the knee. There are also medical conditions such as gout or arthritis that cause knee pain. 

How can I treat knee pain?

Many people who experience pain, espcially chronic pain of the knee, seek medical care from a primary care physician or other medical doctor. However, Doctors of Chiropractic Care are students of the body, it’s joints, and the muscles that support and help heal those joints. By talking with your chiropractor about your knee pain you may be able to find more natural and less invasive ways of treating and ultimately healing your chronic knee pain.

How we treat Knee Pain

Empower Medical Center believes that not only is the human body a miracle, capable of vast natural healing, but also that when we take the time to understand our bodies and the root causes of things like chronic knee pain, we are much more likely to heal ourselves instead of simply dealing with symptoms through highly addictive pain medications or through dangerous, expensive, and invasive surgery that can cause more harm that good. 

So, we take the approach of using all of our own natural health to correct the fundamental problem. Our knees are a critical joint in our body. They help us stand, walk, run, bend, and rotate. Our knees also help support our posture, balance, and weight. When we talk about taking a fully integrated approach to health and the natural healing properties of the body, we take all of these factors into consideration. 

There are Chiropractic manipulations that can help align the knee and take pressure off the joint, combined with regenerative services and treatments, as well as custom knee braces and lifestyle recommendations, we can help give our patient long-term relief from knee pain. 

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